Review:The Greatest Intergalactic Guide to Space Ever by The Brainwaves

Book: Hardback
235 x 159mm
64 pages
ISBN 9780756655419
27 Oct 2009
Dorling Kindersley
8 - 17 years

From the Publisher:

More delightful fun with the Brainwaves. This time they blast off into space to bring the science to you - in fabulously fun--and funny--text. Stars, galaxies, black holes, nebulae, asteroids, and more are discussed in clear text, meant to engage and entertain readers of all ages.

The Greatest Intergalactic Guide to Space Ever (phew, that's quite the title!) is a fun, fact filled book. There are lots of little caricatures running around making funny comments (I'm going to assume they are the Brainwaves, though I couldn't really find the proper reference.)

We get to see everything from Planets, Stars, Galaxies, etc. to learning about astronomers and what the Earth is composed of. Cute factoids about the naming of planets, moons, comits, etc make it an easy learning/teaching tool for our kids.

My favourite part of the book was the section called "Space Spinoffs" which talks about things that were created for use in space but have been adapted into more common usages (next time you're holding a golf ball in your hand, just know there's something special about it and it's relationship to the space shuttle!)

The Greatest Intergalactic Guide to Space Ever is a cool gift for the want to be astronaut or astronomer but is also a good resource for learning more about our world and what's far beyond it.
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