Review: Perfect Snow by Barbara Reid

North Winds Press/Scholastic Canada Ltd.

Released: October 1, 2009

ISBN 978-0-545-98577-2

Hardcover, 32 pages

Ages 3 to 8

From publisher:

It came in the night. “Perfect!” said Scott. “Snow!” said Jim.

At recess the schoolyard is full of happy kids. Scott is making snowmen. Jim is working on the world’s greatest snow fort. At lunchtime they join forces… to create a prefect snow surprise!

Barbara Reid combines her renowned Plasticine art with ink and watercolour panels to bring a timeless Canadian tale of winter fun to life.

Jacob's thoughts:

I really, really liked this book. My favorite part was when the big twister of kids happened. It was funny when Jim said he wanted to make the "totally massive, indestuctible Snow Fortress of Doom". The big fort was really cool. I wish it would snow soon so I could make a snowmen fort like that too!

Mom's thoughts:

The story is fun for the kids, while at the same time provides a subtle lesson on teamwork and compromise. The illustrations are absolutely stunning. Along with the colorful Plasticine art, snap shots (almost like mini comics) are used to show action sequences. One page is an aerial shot of the kids during recess in the school yard playing in the snow and the first time we read the book, Jacob had to search out the main characters Jim & Scott (almost like Where's Waldo). Each time we read this book, somewhere in the story Jacob stops to say "I really like this book". This was a great read-a-long book for me and both kids (Jacob being age 7 and his brother almost 3). I can see us reading this book many, many times this winter.
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1 Response to "Review: Perfect Snow by Barbara Reid"

  1. Richard Hanks Says:
    January 22, 2010 at 5:39 AM

    We have had a lot of snow in January here in the UK, this sounds perfect!