Review: Indiana Jones: Traps and Snares (Level 2 reader)

Publisher: DK CHILDREN

Released: September 29, 2009

Reading level: Ages 6-8

Paperback: 32 pages

ISBN: 978-0756655273

From publisher:

DK Readers draw in young people and captivates their imagination while helping them develop and improve their reading skills. Indy's Adventures and Traps and Snares include full-color movie stills from the Indiana Jones movies. The charismatic hero and adventure theme will make these titles popular with reluctant readers. Lively age-appropriate text engages children throughout the book while developing their reading skills.

Jacob's thoughts:

I liked that this book had all the movies mixed up together. My favorite movie is #4 which is called Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. My favorite trick in the book is when Indy puts a sack of sand since he thinks it will weigh the same as the Golden Idol but it didn't. He made a big giant rock ball come down.

Mom's thoughts:

My son has been in love with Indy since the latest movie came out last year. This book was great for him as it covers all the exciting adventures Indy has been on throughout all the movies. Each page is filled with a picture from the movie. Basically, this whole book is action packed! My son loves to read but sometimes skips over words he doesn't know and I found this book was the perfect level for him. He needed a little help but only with a few words & some of the places/names (Egypt, Venice, Russians, Germans). I can see him re-reading this book many times.
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