Review: Indiana Jones The Ultimate Guide

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley (DK Children)

Released: 05 May 2008


144 pages

ISBN 9780756635008

From publisher:

Since his debut in 1981's Raiders of the Lost Ark, fans have followed the adventures of learned scholar and hunky professor Indiana Jones. He is the unlikely action-hero who undertakes perilous adventures involving snakes, rats, spiders, and villains, in order to stop powerful, mystical artifacts from falling into the wrong hands. With a fourth installment underway, fans can brush up on their Indy knowledge and relive the archeologist's best--and worst--moments.

Packed with a wealth of information from all four movies--about the characters, movie story lines, ancient ruins and artifacts, the history, and the mysticism - Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide provides fans with everything they need to know about the unconventional archeologist and his world.

Jacob's thoughts:

I think Indy is cool. I wish I could be like him and go on lots of adventures. I liked looking at the pictures then reading stuff about them. I liked seeing all the movies in one book.

Mom's thoughts:

I love how almost 30 years later, Indy is still popular with the kids. I think it was thanks to Indy that my son became interested in archaelogy. As always with DK, this book is filled with amazing pictures (including the beating heart & money brains dessert from Temple of Doom *shivers*). My son carried this book around for days (and even brought it to school) looking at the pictures and talking about his favorite parts in the movies. This book provides details on everything you could imagine in the movies and is a great book for any Indy fan, young and old!
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